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What exactly is Wehype and the Wehype platform?
What exactly is Wehype and the Wehype platform?

Wehype makes it easy for streamers to collaborate with premium brands for sponsorship campaigns on Twitch

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Wehype was started with one mission in mind - to encourage collaborations between brands and creators simple and secure. Every day, we help creators from all over the world connect with their favourite brands, to get deals with good commissions and fair terms.

The Wehype Platform
Wehype is a platform designed to connect content creators, such as streamers and YouTuber with brands and advertisers for sponsorship and collaboration opportunities.
It aims to facilitate partnerships between content creators and brands, helping creators monetize their content and build mutually beneficial relationships with companies.

Wehype provides content creators with access to a wide range of sponsorship opportunities from various brands and advertisers. These opportunities can include sponsored streams, product placements, brand integrations, and more.

By signing up as a creator to Wehype you'll get full access to our platform, which is the tool we've built to easily deliver sponsorship information, analytics and payouts. The Wehype platform also allows you to link your Twitch and Youtube so you never miss any opportunities we send you. Wehype is completely free to use.

You can read more about our goals, and take a peek at what the platform looks like at

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