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Why get integrated with Wehype?
Why get integrated with Wehype?

Why over 100 talent managements around the world use the Wehype platform

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If you are a Talent Manager, Wehype can provide a new source of sponsorship opportunities for you and your creators. By integrating with us and registering on our platform as a TM account, you will get a multitude of benefits -

Receive invites and information
Registering on our platform as a TM account will allow you to be notified directly to your email when we have an offer for any of your talent, which ensures that you are the correct first point of contact and nothing is missed.

When we send invites, you will also be able to see all assets and details about the campaign directly, and discuss opportunities with our team via our TM Discord. Once the campaign is running, you will also be able to see key metrics and an overview of every campaign to date in our platform.

Roster updates
Additionally, being registered as a talent manager will allow you to add, remove and manage creators on your roster of exclusive talents.

There are also multiple other useful features such as being able to redeem game keys on behalf of your talent during campaigns.

For more information and to join the program, or take a peek at how the TM side of our platform looks like, please visit this page.

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