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How do I submit my content for Wehype?
How do I submit my content for Wehype?

One of the most important steps to guarantee fast payment

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First of all, make sure to have automatic VOD storing activated on Twitch. You can find this under the “Channel and Video” tab in your Twitch settings. 

Next, after you have successfully completed a sponsored streaming session on a Wehype sponsorship, our system will auto-submit you stream. All you have to do is to ensure that you follow all deliverables for that specific sponsorship.

We will review and ensure the stream is of quality, brand safe and compliance with the general rules and requirements. If your stream do not live up to the requirements we will let you know as fast as possible so you can apply any changes needed.


Before uploading your content live on your channel you need to send a draft in for review. The client is subject to 2 video revision. lease remember to send over the draft before the end of the submission deadline to allow Wehype and the brand to review it in time.

The draft should be sent over directly to the contact person connected to the sponsorship deal. You will find the contact information in the bottom of the description section in the platform.

As soon as your draft is approved and you have gone live with the video our system will auto-submit your video. Meaning no need to upload the final video to us. The live video will be reviewed by our team, if everything looks good and are in line with the sponsorships requirements and the general rules you should be able to cash out almost directly after going live.

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