These are some of the most common questions we are asked by creators here at Wehype, and it deserves a deeper answer on how it works.

When Wehype is running a campaign, we send out invitations by matching the game or service to the profile of relevant creators. This is based on many factors such as region, stream language, genre, audience size, general stream content etc.

We always try to send out as many invitations to as many creators as possible, but the invites we send can be quite variable based on the clients and game launches we are currently working with.

While we endeavour to support as many creators as possible with opportunities, it is difficult to give an estimation of how often we will have suitable sponsorships for you, as it will be different for every creator, their region and content. Some may have suitable opportunities weeks apart, some months, others may only have suitable opportunities come up yearly.

Wehype is constantly expanding and working with new clients around the world, and at any point we may start working with brands who want to advertise in your niche.

As a general piece of advice, we also suggest keeping your eyes open and checking your emails regularly (sometimes emails lose their way and land in spam folders, so make sure to check those too).

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