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You are entitled to invoice Wehype after your creator/creators have fulfilled all deliverables on their sponsorship.

You may invoice each creator on separate invoices or send one invoice with all creators together. When sending one invoice with multiple creators, each individual creator and sponsorship must be clearly stated with:

  • Channel Name

  • Social Media Platform (Twitch, YouTube)

  • Sponsorship title

  • Commission

All invoices must also contain your full business information.

All invoices must be sent to in PDF format for processing.

All invoices must be sent with 30 days payment terms.

All invoices must be sent in the currency originally agreed upon for commission - Euro (EUR), Swedish Crowns (SEK) or United States Dollars (USD)

Wehype company information

VAT number: SE559068693601

Corporate id. no: 559068-6936

Company name: Wehype Global AB

Address: Bergsbrunnagatan 20

City: Uppsala

Postcode: 753 23

Country: Sweden

For further questions, please email us at

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