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Whitelisting Wehype Invitation Emails
Whitelisting Wehype Invitation Emails

The best way to make sure that nothing is missed

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As a creator registered through Wehype, we strongly recommend you whitelist our invitation emails. Many creators have unfortunately missed out on the perfect sponsorship opportunity because one of our emails have ended up in their spam folder.

Wehype will never spam you, and only send emails regarding brand collaborations.


  1. Click on the search box

  2. Type

  3. Click on the show search options button on the right side of the search box

  4. Click create filter

  5. Click never send it to spam and then create filter


  1. Select settings when logged in on

  2. Select options

  3. In the left pane, select Junk Email

  4. Select Safe Senders

  5. In the box, add as a safe domain

  6. Click the add button, and then save

For ways to whitelist our emails using other email providers, a great source can be found at

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