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How do I properly disclose my involvement in a Support-A-Creator?
How do I properly disclose my involvement in a Support-A-Creator?
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Whenever (and wherever) you promote or endorse the Creator Program, or share your Creator Code or link, you must clearly and conspicuously disclose your connection to the brand.


Disclosures Must Be Clear:

You should always mention that you may receive payouts whenever your code is used. A disclosure should be located near the code and the mention should be both verbally and written.

The disclosure need to be clear and easy to detect and placed as close to your creator code and/or links as possible. It should not be hidden in description bios or elsewhere a viewer have to search to find it.

​Here is an example text of how to properly disclose in text:

"Disclosure: Some of the links/codes in this section supports me. This means if you click on the link or use my code and make a purchase, I may receive a small commission. This commission comes at no additional cost to you. Your support helps me to keep going. Thank you for your support!"

You can write your disclosures however you want. The above is just an example of how it could be written. We expect you to be full transparent with your supporters. Failure to fulfil the disclosure requirements may result in the potential suspension from a Creator Program. But remember to consult the official FTC guidelines for yourself.

For your disclosure to be sufficiently “conspicuous,” the disclosure must appear in a location that consumers will easily notice, without clicking, scrolling, or hunting for it. This may vary for different outlets, for example:

  • In videos: Within the video (at the beginning), and in the video description.

  • In a live stream: Repeated regularly so those who tune in later will still know.

  • In every post and/or piece of content you share, not just in a profile and/or bio.

  • As the first hashtag in the chain, if used in a long list of hashtags (not buried amongst others).

  • In social media posts: Located within the first two lines of copy (when viewed on a desktop).

  • In social media stories or framed content: It is important to overlay text onto the image or video in each frame. This text should be easily visible to viewers throughout the duration of the story. To achieve this, use a large font size, choose a contrasting color that stands out, ensure the text is separate from any other text that may compete or distract, and consider placing it on a solid background.

  • Written or editorial content, like a blog post: It is advisable to position text next to the headline or other key focal points of the content. This text should be in a font size that is reasonably similar to the surrounding content, ensuring it doesn't appear significantly smaller or larger.

Please make sure to check your country-specific regulations as well, although they probably won’t be that much different from those the FTC requires.

Please note that the above and the guidelines is subject to change.
It's your responsibility to make sure that you follow the legal guidelines.

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