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How do contracts and legal requirements work with Wehype?
How do contracts and legal requirements work with Wehype?
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Why don’t I see a traditional long-form legal agreement?
Our platform is designed for simplicity and efficiency. Instead of lengthy contracts, we use a click-and-accept system. When you see an opportunity and decide to participate, you simply click to accept the terms laid out for that specific opportunity.

Is the click-and-accept basis legally binding?
Absolutely! Our click-and-accept system is as legally binding as a traditional contract. By clicking to accept, you and Wehype are entering into a mutual agreement, with all terms clearly outlined on our platform.

How can I review the terms before accepting?
Every sponsorship opportunity on our platform comes with a detailed description of the deliverables. Before you click to accept, you’ll have the chance to review these deliverables and our Creator Terms of Service in full. We encourage you to read and understand them before proceeding.

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