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Disclose requirements for gifted products
Disclose requirements for gifted products
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Whenever you're working with a brand and are paid, it's important to disclose your connection with them. Similarly, when you receive free products or gifts, like digital items, giveaways, or game keys, it's crucial to disclose this relationship. Make sure to follow your local guidelines and mention it both verbally and in writing when promoting a product you got for free on your social media.

The disclosure should be clear, preferably at the beginning of your content for better visibility. During a live stream, it's helpful to repeat it so that new viewers are also informed.

Here are a few examples of how to disclose a gifted product:


Ex: "I was gifted this product..."

Ex: "I'd like to thank @brand for giving/sending me this..."

Using hashtags like #gifted, #ad or #sponsored (and not hiding them)

Explicitly stating (via caption and/or video) that you have received a free product.

The idea here is simple: there should be no doubt.


Read more about the general disclosure requirements HERE.

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